i’m going to bed

i feel like i’m going to throw up haha

yeah i’m sooo over sensitive haha

fullbandcamping said: dude, you’ve done shit like this to me. Calm the fuck down.

would you like to tell me when i made a post on your blog about you pissing your bed? because i don’t recall.

omg she’s making fun of me to my other sister in the next room

like i wouldn’t be upset if she posted something like “farted lol” or “lara was here” but i just don’t understand why she would do something intentionally hurtful when i accidentally hurt her and then apologized more than twice 

my feelings are obviously valued in this family

so it was my sister

she did it because i accidentally kicked her in the knee (which i apologized for and did feel bad about)

she also says she won’t apologize because it was a “joke”

haha wow silly me and my hurt feelings good thing it was a joke!!

yeah how funny that people think i have some sort of incontinence issue and probably think i’m trying to cover this up wow good thing it was all just a joke!!!

i get an ask from someone calling me pretty and what do u know probably all of my followers think i’m a bedwetter 

i bet that anon was sarcastic wasn’t it

i’m going to go ask my sister if she did that because wow not only is that kind of gross but also way to embarrass me and make me feel anxious about how i’m perceived on my own damn blog

wait when the shit did i make a post about wetting the bed

i did not make that post